Lessons in Obedience

by Lucy Golden


She carefully closed the door so that our voices could not be heard by the other guests.

"Please, Mr Mortensen, not that.  I don't want all the others to see me with nothing on, specially not bending over like that.  If you really have to cane me, couldn't we wait until they've gone?  Please?"

What would you do if a young woman arrived unannounced on your doorstep one day to atone for someone else's sins?  And what if you detected, simmering beneath a sweetly naive outward diffidence, a talent, an aptitude and a willingness that it would have been sheer waste not to nurture?

Faced with that challenge, Alex Mortensen starts carefully to guide his pupil out from the darkness towards richness and fulfilment, resolved to share with her the vast wealth of sensual pleasures that have always featured in his own life.  But this is a pupil with a particular aptitude and enthusiasm for her lessons, one who relishes every new twist to which she is subjected.  So what should the tutor do when she learns so fast, catches him up and threatens to overtake?  When he can trust her, but can no longer trust himself?

Ultimately, whose tale is it?  Which is the teacher and which the pupil?

In the twelve years since first publication, Lessons in Obedinece has become a modern classic of erotic literature with a following across the globe.

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