Bruce Abrahams

Bruce Abrahams is a former adman and son of a quondam playboy, boxer and smuggler. His mother was a model. Bruce is old enough to remember when the business was fun.

John Barbour

Born and raised in California, John Barbour never lost the strong urge to write as he moved from city to city in the US, enjoying an entirely secret career as an author of lurid pulp fiction.

Henri Breton

For some time, Henri Breton, a painter and writer of Anglo-French parentage, has written several short stories and articles for the Erotic Review

Julie Charles

Julie Charles is in love with London where she lives and works as a teacher of literature to undergraduates a stone’s throw from the British Museum Library where in the early 1980s she embarked on her research into for a thesis on The Female Pornographer.

Phoebe Gardener

Although she lives and works in Surrey, Phoebe Gardener is proud of her Texan upbringing and heritage; currently she is working on her third Young Governess title. She is fascinated by the Victorian era and believes that her heroine, Kate Spencer, reflects her own life erotically and spiritually.

John Gibb

Gibb started writing stories for the Erotic Review when he was a crime writer on the Evening Standard. He has spent most of his working life wallowing in the demimonde of journalism, mixing with unsavoury and dangerous criminals.

Lucy Golden

Lucy Golden is an intensely private person: she is unwilling to publish her biographical details, considering the intimate revelations in her books to be more than adequate...

Jonathon Green

Jonathon Green is Britain's foremost lexicographer of slang. His many publications include the Chambers Slang Dictionary, the Slang Thesaurus and Slang Down the Ages. He has also compiled dictionaries of quotations and oral histories of modern culture. His latest work is the multi-volume Green's Dictionary of Slang on Historical Principles.

Christopher Hart

Christopher Hart's first novel, The Harvest (1999), earned critical comparisons with Thomas Hardy, D.H. Lawrence, and V.S. Naipaul, and was short-listed for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize.

John Langhorne

After three decades of work as an ad man in Dublin, John Langhorne retreated to a small farm in Wicklow. The contact with his emerald surroundings feeds his imagination as he writes in a wide range of genres, from drama to fantasy fiction.

Nnenna Marcia

Nnenna Marcia is a pseudonym for a Nigerian writer living in London. By day she tells other people’s stories for major news organisations and by night, she scribbles her own. 

Pierre Motteux

A self-confessed voyeur, Motteux outgrew a boyhood fascination with photography, but never his taste for glimpses of other people's lives. The beach in Marseille is where he finds the inspiration for his elaborate fantasies.

Andy Nowicki

Andy Nowicki, author of the controversial cult classic The Columbine Pilgrim, lives and works in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Christopher Peachment

Christopher Peachment worked as a stage manager at the Royal Court and many other theatres in England before turning to journalism. In the 1980s, he was a film editor for Time Out magazine.

Bruno Phillips

Bruno Phillips (aka Bruce Abrahams) is a former adman and son of a quondam playboy, boxer and smuggler. His mother was a model. Bruno is old enough to remember when the business was fun.