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  • Pulp collects unreconstructed pulp porn literature from the second half of the 20th century, adult comics and sexually explicit illustrated non-fiction.

Whichever your preference is, you'll find it on ER Books.


This Malignant Mirage: Nowicki's bizarre battle of the sexes:

24th April 2014

Just published: This Malignant Mirage, a new collection of short stories by Andy Nowicki. Overlaid by a hint of the supernatural, female hubris is often brought low in Nowicki's compelling stories of the never-ending conflict between man and woman: henpecking wives, superior school-moms and über female bosses all play their part in this outré take on the war of the sexes, when the downtrodden male worm turns and shows that he can bite back… hard! Click here to read more…

Out of West Africa

28th July 2013

A rich and multilayered culture comes out of West Africa and out of Nigeria – the seventh most populous country in the world, known as 'the Giant of Africa' – in particular. A great tradition of storytelling (and now film-making – as in Nollywood) and art (the extraordinary and beautiful Benin bronzes) Nigeria has over 500 different ethnic groups, the first African Nobel Prize for literature and a history as ancient and varied as its civilisation. 

ER Books is proud to publish AFRICA HOT: West African Stories of Sex and Love, the collected short fiction of Nigerian author Nnenna Marcia. Marcia's is a strong and vibrant new voice to emerge in African literature. Her observations of West African life are sharp and highly evocative, and for one who writes of sex, grand passion and love, her style is refreshingly cool and understated.

Adulterous Lust Beyond The M25

19th June 2013

In ERRORS OF JUDGEMENT, Bruce Abrahams has written a very English tragi-comedy of errors. When Lust pays a visit to staid Suburbia, all hell breaks loose. The resulting fallout forms the backdrop to a sardonic view of the more dysfunctional side of the British middle classes as they dance to the music of divorce lawyers and the grinding beat of the corporate treadmill. Who are these people? Why, we've all come across them at one time or other. No? Well, if you haven't, it's only a matter of time before you do.

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